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To help self-employed, small business owners or young entrepreneurs isolating for the foreseeable future I am giving away website hostings for FREE for 2 years!

Lets hope this virus nightmare lasts no longer than one year, then it may take a further year for business to recover. This could be a great opportunity for self-employed, small business owners or young entrepreneurs self-isolating to develop a website at no cost whatsoever so when things hopefully return to normal in a year or so they could have a shiny new and hopefully well thought out website. You can simply keep your website “under construction” to the public until you ready. Lets face it, isolating for this length of time is going to be extremely tough so hopefully this will help a bit? I’m teaching my own 13 year old to develop his own website this year – to also show his homework if needed.

There are however certain rules to this offer:

1) By law You must be 13 years or older. If you are a young person your parents must agree to whatever you doing. In fact, anyone under 16 must have parental concent.

2) Websites containing anything illegal are not allowed in any shape for form! Chat forums or any kind of game server setups are not allowed.

3) This offer was initially set up to support people and small businesses in Buckingham and it’s surrounding communities but I’m happy to extend this nationwide. I would have reservations passing this offer to people in other countries yet there are always exceptions, and we’re all in trouble for the forseeable future.

4) You need to already own or purchase your domain name. I have purchased domains for customers in the past so if that is something you would prefer I can do it for you but will invoice the cost. I will provide details on how to point your domain to my servers for hosting. This offer is for new website builds to help people pass the time designing their own website over the coming months and not for moving existing websites over to this free offer.

5) Websites must be WordPress. I will set up the hosting for you, install the database, WordPress and the template of your choice. The template you choose must be one of the templates on On this note I highly recommend requesting the Yootheme Pro template rather than choosing a specific template from the list. Essentially, the Yootheme Pro template contains all the existing templates and is the latest platform, easy to use, and very customisable.

6) You can have up to 3 free mailboxes. These mailboxes are limited to 200mb of space. You can access the mailboxes via webmail (via a web browser), and you have incoming server details for any 3rd party software like Outlook or Thunderbird if it’s installed on your computer. For outgoing mail you would use your Internet Service Providers (ISP) details. You will have access to a mailbox control panel where you can check usage, change password and set auto reply’s. There is unfortunately no spam protection with these free mailboxes. Mailboxes can be upgraded to 3gb of space, with outgoing SMPT server details and spam protection, but that will cost you £1.52pm. I unfortunately cannot include upgraded mailboxes in the 2-year free offer as it will cost me.

7) Website total volume cannot exceed 300mb (excluding mailboxes) so this is not for displaying too many high resolution videos and excessively large amounts of photos. That said, you would stream from Youtube or Vimeo if need be. Generally, 300mb of space is plenty for most websites. Additional space can be arranged if needed but cannot be included in this free offer and will come with a fee which can be discussed.

8) I will be available for technical support regarding server issues and troubleshooting mailboxes at no cost to you but not for any WordPress design-related issues so you are on your own learning how to design in WordPress. It’s generally pretty simple, and this is the point – it’s giving you something to do for the next year or two! If you hit a brick wall and get stuck I can help but there will be a small fee. I will backup the website regularly at no cost to you so if you crash the website or get hacked I can restore it. With the security plugin in place this is highly unlikely to happen but if I do need to restore a website for whatever reason there will be a small fee for my time.

9) If this covid-19 nightmare lasts longer than 2 years and people are still isolated in their homes I can look at extending the free period. That said, after the free period people can choose to continue to host with me at my usual rates, move their website to another provider if they wish, Or, if you don’t want the website after the 2 years I’ll delete it – there is no contract with this offer! My fees range from £6pm for this kind of standard hosting where I provide the platform and you take care of your own website, or a managed website where I perform updates and changes for you starting at £12pm.

* An important note to consider if you looking at either Wix or Squarespace for website hosting. They both offer standard hosting at roughly the same price but what they don’t advertise is that you do not get direct ftp or database access so you can’t move your website elsewhere later if you wish to – It’s like having all your furniture nailed to the floor so if you move home you can’t take it with you!

That’s it! Hopefully this offer can help people or small businesses isolating for the next year pop out on the other side with a new website to help them get back on their feet!

Best regards and stay safe!

The fine fine print!
As this is a FREE offer you must and will agree that we are not under any contract and that I am not obliged to have to provide anything specifically requested by you or anyone else and am totally free to remove any or all of your website and/or service at any time in any way regardless of anything if I find you are doing anything illegal, distasteful, disruptive or behaving in a generally rude or agressive manner.

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Upgrading your website to Yootheme

As of 2016 all cg-works! websites are to be Warp Theme Framework on WordPress.

As most of you will know cg-works! websites were previously developed on joomla 2.5. Support for this platform ended in December 2014! So there have been no more security updates since. The update to joomla 3.0 posed a risk based on the fact that the templates were design in Artisteer for the joomla 2.5 framework. So there was a need to consider redesign. Some customer websites were also not adapting effectively on mobile and tablet devices which created the need for adding GoMobi to their hosting. This not only created more work in developing and updating 2 platforms but also comes at additional cost.

With most clients wanting hands-on access after development the WordPress platform seemed the best choice in moving forward. After discovering the Yootheme developers who create amazing templates for WordPress the choice was clear. However, should a client wish to remain on a joomla platform this can be arranged as all Yootheme templates are designed for both joomla and WordPress.
If your website is currently still joomla 2.5 and I have not been in touch discuss this upgrade I will do so shortly.

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Important mailbox update

On Monday 22nd February 2016, Fasthosts will disable support for CRAM-MD5 in-line with industry standards. This applies to both standard and PLUS mailboxes.

This is a great news as your mailboxes will now be much more secure with SSL encryption: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Before that date, you can still use your existing settings on your various devices. However, if you haven’t changed them at some point before this date, you will no longer be able to access your email. While we don’t expect you to encounter any problems when changing your settings, we do suggest making a note of your alterations. Then if anything does go wrong, you can then switch back and still access your email. The necessary changes are simple to make on your computers, phones and tablets. The steps on how to do this can be found HERE.

Managing mailbox passwords

On the subject of email I have had a number of requests to change mailbox passwords. As you know accessing your mailbox is easy with the Outlook web app at This is also where you can set automatic-reply’s if you need to. Just look for OPTIONS top-right of the browser.

However, if you want to change passwords and set fww’s you need to access the main control panel of your mailbox here: This is also a great place to see how full your mailbox is! Those with standard free mailboxes often reach their limit of 100mb, so this a good way to keep your eye on it!

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