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cg-works! offers a wide range of graphic and web design services from logo design, product modeling, advertising and packaging design right through to web design and development. We can host and manage your website as well with ease so you can spend more time focusing on your business!

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Your greatest chance of success to collaborate

I enjoy working with clients that celebrate collaboration. This means trusting your designer to do their job to the best of their ability while proactively engaging and be willing to spend time in providing quality information. Only then will the finished product be the best it can be for the client, their brand, their market, and for cg-works!

Dom Hilton
Graphic Designer Developer


  • British Medical Laser Association

    “Dom has done an excellent job of our website in an impressively short time. His approach has remained both responsive and proactive throughout, ensuring that any required changes and updates are carried out in a very short time, even weeks after the website had gone live. His designs have been excellent and he has shown the greatest respect for the content that we provided. He was recommended by another organisation and I would not hesitate to recommend Dom to other organisations.”

    Tom Lister
    Medical physicist, Salisbury District Hospital.

  • Karoo Design

    “Dominic has worked with us for some years and he is always totally reliable, on brief and on budget. He approaches each project with great enthusiasm and often goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are happy with the result. I would highly recommend him!”

    Danelle Macaulay
    Director, Karoo Design

  • Azura Events

    “I have been working with Dom for a number of years now and have always been very impressed with his flexible attitude, quick responsiveness to queries, excellent value for money and willingness to find a solution even when I have thrown some tricky challenges at him! I continue to use him for my own website development and for many of my clients as well. As a small business its great to have him as part of the wider team.”

    Clare Beach
    Managing Director, Azura Events Ltd

  • Asia Pacific Laryngology Association

    “As an E-learning Editor for our newly created international association of surgeons, I am delighted to provide a testimonial on behalf of Dom. In a very short time his input totally transformed our website and created a very professional looking product. It is quite a contrast to what we saw prior to his work!

    As others have said above, we too have had great reason to appreciate his industry, his skills with ITand especially his reliability for early contact and responses. He has impressed us with his ability to work with video imaging, ranging from long obsolete, historical film, up to the wonders of this newdecade of the 21st Century. Never met him personally, but I have exchanged many a pleasant e mail with him and I wish I had a fraction of his programming skills”

    Liam M Flood FRCS FRCSI
    Consultant Otolaryngologist (Retired)

  • Asia Pacific Laryngology Association

    “When the Asia Pacific Laryngology Association (APLA) was founded a couple of years ago, it wasof course necessary to host a website. In tune with modern purpose, we decided that the websiteshould have E-learning platform for remotely dissipating knowledge to such a large expanse of thesocioeconomically diverse APLA region. After a couple of futile attempts to design the website‘locally’, we decided that we needed someone with proven credentials. We knew Dom as webdesigner of British Medical Laser Association and also European Laser Association. So he was a natural contender.”

    “Dom produced an astounding design for the logo, with a colourful humming bird emanating soundwaves. A perfect design for ‘the science of sound production – Laryngology’! The quiz section wasdeveloped as per our vision of image-based remote learning. The section on Lasers in Laryngologyis nearing completion. The website is clean, catching and yet delivers the message unequivocally.”

    “Whilst we generate the contents, it has to be Dom’s contribution which brings it to life. The work is uploaded without having to ‘chase up’! Over the weeks and months, his equable and yet professional personality imperceptibly merged to make him part of the Editorial Team! Only a trueprofessional makes the work look so easy. A moment or two to put it on record is all that it takes to say ‘Thank you Dom’.”

    Vasant Oswal, MB, MS, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Ed), DLO, DORL
    Emeritus Consultant Otolaryngologist H and N Surgeon,
    James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, UK

    Founder Chair, Asia Pacific Laryngology Association
    Vice President, and Chair, Ed Committee, British Medical Laser Association
    Secretary General, European Laser Association